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Since the release of the original SEC Millenium 22 years ago, our engineers have designed and implemented enhanced optical absorption integrity, lower power consumption and developed software algorithms for our other infrared family of gas detectors and analyzers.  All of this knowledge, experience and features have been incorporated into the SEC Millenium Hawk.


Detector Ignores Ethanol, Sees Only Difluoromethane

February 20, 2012
SEC IREvolution DiFluoromethane

     A new gas detector that won’t be confused by ethanol while looking for leaking difluoromethane in semiconductor production manufacturing facilities has been developed by Minneapolis-based Sensor Electronics.

   “Tunnel vision” means this detector ignores ethanol gas – used to cleanse semiconductor production equipment – to concentrate on difluoromethane leaks.

      Widely used in the semiconductor industry, difluoromethane is especially dangerous – invisible, odorless, tasteless and extremely toxic.  Small amounts can mean breathlessness, dizziness, fatigue, continued exposure can mean pulmonary failure, even death.

     By eliminating ethanol interference and seeing only difluoromethane, this new detector eliminates false readings, false alarms, unnecessary production shutdowns. 

     The detector is factory –calibrated to react the instant difluoromethane readings reach 2 PPM

     The detector can tie into an existing plant security network or work as a stand-alone with an integral alarm light and horn.  An interlinked transmitter shows actual difluoromethane levels on a digital readout panel; LED’s glow green/amber/red if difluoromethane levels increase.  At the critical reading the detector turns on a flashing red strobe and sounds a horn.  Optionally the detector can flood the cabinet or entire room with outside air.

   More information about these difluoromethane gas detectors installed in semiconductor production manufacturing facilities:  Sensor Electronics, 5500 Lincoln Drive, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55436; or