New Gas Sensors Designed for Waste Water Treatment Applications

December 7, 2009

Four new gas detector engineered for wastewater-treatment plants have been announced by Sensor Electronics of Minneapolis.

The detector react immediately to dangerous levels of hydrogen sulfide, methane, sulfur dioxide or chlorine.

Each stand-alone detector links to its own compact transmitter fitted with LED’s that glow green so long as gas levels are safe:  If levels increase, LED’s change to amber,  then red.  Gas levels – in ppm or percentages  - are shown on digital readouts.

Transmitter – mounted with detector or up to 1000 feet away – checks for trouble anywhere tin system, shows what’s wrong where on readout panel.

Detectors shrug off corrosive atmospheres, ignore temperature/humidity extremes, aren’t affected by dust, dirt, moisture, oily aerosols.

Each detector is factory-calibrated for its specific gas, with operating life measured in years.  Plug-in sensor modules mean changeover in minutes, eliminating on-site calibration, checkout.

More information:  Sensor Electronics, 5500 Lincoln Drive, Minneapolis 55436; 800.285.3651 or