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Since the release of the original SEC Millenium 22 years ago, our engineers have designed and implemented enhanced optical absorption integrity, lower power consumption and developed software algorithms for our other infrared family of gas detectors and analyzers.  All of this knowledge, experience and features have been incorporated into the SEC Millenium Hawk.


New Combustible Gas Detection System Installed at LANTA

March 15, 2018
Combustible gas detector installation

LANTA in Allentown, PA installed a Sensor Electronics combustible gas detection system.  The system monitors the maintenance and storage facilities for potential combustible leaks.  The 18-point combustible methane gas sensors are used to detect possible methane leaks for the transit authority’s compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles.  If the system detects a gas concentration of 20% LEL (Lower Explosive Limit), then audible and visual alarms are set off, exhaust fans turn on, drive through doors open and the security company is called by telephone. This site also has four J-W Power CNG Compressors that have Sensor Electronics infrared methane sensors installed to detect compressor leaks.